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New Game Project and Thanks :)

5/16/13 by Sinclairian

Just would like to say thanks for the comments and feedback for Ninja Virus! I'm glad quite a few people liked my little retro throw back. Hope you had as much fun playing it as I did making it!

Anyway yeah, I've got a few game and animation projects on the go at the moment. Last month I had nothing really to do, and now it's like BOOM tons of stuff. It's still not going to stop me making games for Newgrounds, so I thought I would share my latest NG project: Planet of Oddballs.

It's basically just a platformer/shooter game in the style of my favourite games of all time. It's a mix between Ratchet&Clank, Timesplitters, Sonic and Conkers Bad Fur Day. The game revolves around a guy and a floating head trying to reclaim his body from an evil corporation.

It's going to include six levels, seven weapons, voice acting and huge battles. The game I've got planned is so big I'm most likely going to split the game into episodes so I can fit everything in. A picture below shows off one of the planned levels, Thundrip.

So again thanks for enjoying the games I make, hopefully you'll love this one! =)

New Game Project and Thanks :)


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Greetings Eddy Hitler. Goodluck making this!

7/2/13 Sinclairian responds:

Haha, thanks! Sadly due to my huge intake of alcohol it's been put on hold for more drinkinginininge.

Reminds me of Zombie Nation on the NES.



Looks awesome, excited to play as usual! Also good luck on the other project you've got going on with that pixel art stuff. :)

5/18/13 Sinclairian responds:

Thanks, hopefully it'll go down well and everything will turn out well for both projects! :)



You look a lot like Mues.

5/18/13 Sinclairian responds:

Do I?

Hey, this new one looks very promising. Congrats on 'Ninja Virus' and I hope you don't mind me featuring it as game of the month at my site:

5/18/13 Sinclairian responds:

No worries at all, glad you enjoyed the game :)