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Happy Halloween. (Teaser Trailer)

10/31/13 by Sinclairian

This is just for people who follow my news on here. I've finished the game however it doesn't overly feel "Halloweeny" so I've decided to release it next week when the spooks have died down.

The game is finished, it's all done, all in under a week. It's just not the time to release it, so instead here is a nice teaser video of the first three stages. (There are 5 stages overall.)

Hope you like the video, 'cause then you'll like the game :P. (Well hopefully.)

Happy Halloween. (Teaser Trailer)


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Good work. We should collab sometime. A week? How you so motivated. I'm having an RPG making dry spell. Tips on rejuvenating my game creating beans? Thanks.

11/12/13 Sinclairian responds:

At the moment I'm currently in a collab with some things so I sadly I can't now. I've never properly attempted a RPG but I'm sure playing other RPGs will get the creative juices flowing. That's how I conquer a dry spell. Good luck!

I would so be playing this if my computer didn't suck. I managed to beat Sole Gunner (awesome game, by the way. Last level was pretty easy to be honest) because I was using a decent computer at that time, but I have no faith in my current one to play this. How long is it, exactly? Five levels? And are they short or long?

11/10/13 Sinclairian responds:

I'm sorry about that, I do tend to make games that need some power to run them. Maybe next time I'll release a standalone to go along with it!

Six levels, I added an extra one while I was waiting for it to be released.



Awesomesauce! :D

11/8/13 Sinclairian responds:

^__^ Hopefully!



Looks good!

11/8/13 Sinclairian responds:

Thanks! Hopefully it'll play good! :)



Can't wait to play it! So much action!

10/31/13 Sinclairian responds:

Thanks! Hopefully the action wont disappoint :).